AT&T And Sprint Galaxy S5 Available For $168 On Contract

    If we were to do a quick tally for the most popular 2014 flagship Android smartphone in 2Q, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be no doubt, the winner. And for our friends from the US who are waiting for a good deal to get their hands on one, well here’s a good one as Amazon […]

    HTC One M8 Gets A Small Update │Adds Extreme Power Saving Mode

    The HTC One M8 is now getting a minor but important to some update that will bring the Extreme Power Saving Mode for the US and Canadian M8 users who still haven’t got the feature yet due to some FCC issues. And aside from the usual stability patches, the update also includes an enhancement for […]

    Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Root Bounty Reaches $4,000

    If you are an experienced Android user, you won’t probably be able to live or enjoy your new Samsung Galaxy S5 without having to root it. With root rights, users can do tons of things and further customizations like removing bloatwares, freezing apps, patching apps, and of course, install third-party ROMs, modifications, and themes. But […]

    OnePlus One Finally Unveiled

    Finally, the long wait is over. The much awaited newcomer has finally made it’s appearance. Meet the OnePlus One. OnePlus has been teasing us for the past few months with their “never settle” campaign that aims to give us consumers the best hardware and software in one device, which can only one thing – flagship […]

    GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition hands-on video [MWC 2014]

    During Mobile Focus Event in Barcelona, just a couple of days before MWC 2014, we had the chance to see a lot of devices and gadgets, with GoPro being one of the first we laid eyes on. During our visit there, we got to see the latest version of the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera […]

    Asus ZenFone 5 hands-on video [MWC 2014]

    During our stay in Barcelona for the MWC 2014 we had the chance to play for a while with Padfone Mini and Zenfone 6 from Asus. We also sow for a while the Zenfone 5, a slightly mid range model that's surely impressive any way we see it. We played with it for a couple […]

    Nexus 5 hands-on preview

    Nexus 5 is the new flagship of Google for 2014 and it's surely worth it. It has been available for a couple of months in the rest of the world but in Europe (all countries it has been made available only during the past couple of weeks. We have the device in our hands for […]

    Vodafone Smart 4G hands-on review: The best you can buy!

    It looks like all manufacturers and network providers have finally understood that in order to have huge sales, you must learn what people want from each device! Users now ask for affordable devices that are at the same time powerful and efficient! We used to laugh when we read these 3 words together into one sentence […]

    How to: access forbidden webpages

    TheNextWeb posts a trick that will help a lot of users gain access to webpages that are - normally - blocked in their country or in their work space! So the guys there suggest we use Google Translate in order to access these webpages instead of using a VPN. Just open Google Translate, paste the […]

    The savoir vivre of using phones around the world!

    Here in Greece we have some specific formal rules when we talk on the phone. For example it is considered rudeness to yell on the phone in public places or talk on the phone when you are at the cinema or the theater. Have you ever consider if there are familiar rules in other countries […]

    The endurance tests that all Nokia phones have to pass

    First admission: whether you like it or not, Nokia makes good quality phones. Second admission: when you take in your hands even the most cheap models of Nokia and another, more "eastern" telephone, your hands always tell the truth. It is amazing though, how we can be able to have a look at all those […]

    AndiOS7: how to turn your Android into... iOS 7.0!

    Hmmm, what would you think if you could turn your Android smartphone into an iOS 7.0 device? Well I'm not that crazy about it but if you're among those people you're thinking to do such a thing, have a look at the howto that follows. Don't expect to change operating system of course, nor loose […]

    An iPhone app and its stats. In which country people do more sex and in which sex lasts longer?

    Somewhere on the planet, there is Spreadsheets, one sex activity app (!) for iPhone which analyzes data from your movements and your sounds during sex, using the accelerometer and the microphone of your device. Yes! Yes! There is something like this and has its statistics. In accordance with this, we can now know in which […]

    The worst 13 tweets in history!

    Yahoo made a very interesting research on the occasion of the flop of the US Airways on Twitter, by searching the worst 13 tweets in history. How many times have you said something that you regret it? How many times did you wish to haven't said something? How many times did you think after you […]

    The Russian Zuckerberg says that the Russians had been spying on the Ukrainian via social media!

    Pavel Durov is the originator and founder of the Russian social network VK, ... a clone of Facebook. What he said in relation to the recent events in Crimea, is very interesting. Durov says that in December 2013 the Intelligence Agency of Russia demanded from his company to deliver data from the administrators of the […]

    Simple everyday questions ... Why do we yawn? (video)

    There are a few things we do every day, but we do not know why we do them exactly. And there are a few times, we read a scientific explanation or a study and find answers that are interesting. Such a question is the following. Why do we yawn? Hmmm ... Some people say that […]

    The voice of Snoop Dogg in Call of Duty: Ghosts!

    Snoop Dogg decided to appear in Call of Duty:Ghosts! From 22 April the Snoop Dogg Voice Pack is availiable in Xbox Live and as you can understand, you are able to add the voice of famous rapper in the game. Snoop Dogg said that he is impressed by the whole situation, adding that the fact […]

    The house of Final Fantasy VII, that costs 2 million dollars

    You can say many things for Aerith in Final Fantasy VII, but what we found for you, you can't imagine it... And as the experts calculated, the people of the American Real Estate Agency, Movoto, it costs very much money! How much money? Let's say about $2 million in real money (or 38 million Gil, […]

    The second episode of the 4th season of the Game of Thrones breaks all records in torrent pages!

    The Game of Thrones, as we know, was the most popular series in 2013 between the "pirates". With the 4th season to have started just two weeks ago, it now has a new record, since the second episode, "The Lion and the Rose", broke all records as regards to the same-time downloads that have been […]

    Tron 3 is being prepared

    Director Joseph Kosinski talked to Assignment X and admitted that the 3rd Tron film will be ready in due time, saying also that all the fans of the movie should rest assured that this will happen. The story will focus on the main characters Sam Flynn and Quorra by Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde respectively. The production […]