Youtube punishes Sony, Universal and others for illegal practices

Yes, everybody wants their videos to have many views, but some, as is the usual case, are prepared to pay for this, and at some point, Youtube took whiff of it and reacted.

According to DailyDot, on December 17th and 18th, channels like those of Sony, Universal and other, less “private” users, went through a “spring cleaning” by Youtube. In the case of Universal, 1 billion views have been removed, and in the case of Sony it was 851 million, while several videos were removed.

Youtube mentioned this was not a bug, but a conscious action taken by the service, in cases when channels violated the user agreement, by using “bot” practices to increase views on their videos.

So, after this action, the number of views we see in videos should be closer to the ground. If Twitter and Facebook take a cue from this, and start cleaning out corporate-owned bot-accounts, this would be really good news.

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