Whoops... employees of major Hollywood studios download pirated movies and series

We’ll now talk about a somewhat awkward determination made by the people at Torrent Freak. Partnering up with Scaneye, a company that monitors BitTorrent traffic, they determined that pirated copies of movies and TV series are rapidly downloaded through IP addresses that belong to major Hollywood cinema studios. These IP addresses belong to Paramount, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney.

Is that strange? Not at all. Employees in cinema studios are people with hobbies. Is it awkward? Indeed. Especially if one considers the war waged by the entertainment industry, and the witch hunt they have unleashed, in the name of fighting illegal file sharing on the internet.

Take a look at some IP addresses of these studios and the kind of files downloaded through those. We are actually happy they watch Downton Abbey at Walt Disney. It’s good for them to learn what good English TV is like.

Paramount Pictures

Warner Bros

Sony Pictures

20th Century Fox

Walt Disney

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