Ironic: Mark Zuckerberg’s sister does not understand Facebook’s privacy settings

Randy Zuckerberg complains about Facebook violating her privacy (cue ironic laughter).

How did that come to be? When she saw a photo of a family moment (yes, Mark is on that photo, as you can see), posted on Twitter by Callie Schweitzer, a marketing manager for Vox Media. Where did she get it? That’s what the former Facebook marketing manager wondered.

Well, Mark Zuckerberg’s sister posted this photo, using the new Poke application. The photo may be “self-destroyed” after a while, but Randy Zuckerberg did not notice that she posted this publically, and not to her friends only.

When she saw this photo on Twitter, she complained to Callie Schweitzer, asking who gave her the right to tweet this photo. Schweitzer let her know that she subscribed to Zuckerberg’s sister public updates, and that this photo was displayed on her newsfeed.

The rest is history, and we’ll just keep laughing ironically.

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