Scandal: topless models in Christmas gaming parties

There are two kinds of Christmas parties. The “food-drink-George Michael” type, that all the world does, and those put together by gaming companies in Canada. What’s going on over there? All hell breaks loose, we’re tellin’ ya.

As we read on Kotaku, during Gameloft’s get-together, in Montreal, Canada, slick models walked around, wearing tiny strings, and only had painted armor on them (remember this).

An anonymous source, which actually said they felt uncomfortable, no less, told the website that “they were jumping around, and when they saw each other, they would make sexy poses and dance together, almost grinding each other”.

As we found out, during Warner’s Christmas party, things got even more kinky, as the organizers offered visitors desserts (candy, whipped cream and stuff) which however, they had to taste by licking naked models.

What’s wrong with this picture, is that there are no witnesses or photos. No matter though. Let this be an example to those who plan Christmas parties. Get some ideas and such.


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