Rumors, even more rumors: Are we getting ready for a 99-149 $ iPhone?


It’s the second time in the past 24 hours that a major news network comes up with a rumor concerning the possibility of a much cheaper iPhone. First it was Wall Street Journal. Now it is Bloomberg.

This time it is not just the notion of a cheaper iPhone but an actual price since, sources familiar with the matter mention that the Cupertino based company could launch by the end of 2013, an iPhone costing between 99 and 149 dollars. The above rumor is difficult to believe but Bloomberg mentions that Apple has made their plans known to at least one provider in the US.

In any case, rumors concerning a cheaper iPhone from Apple are multiplying. This is by no chance since all publicity concerning tech is targeted to the ongoing CES 2013, at which, many companies announced new devices whereas Apple does not participate. Nor to any other expos.

It should be considered though a bit more probable to see a cheaper iPhone, if we take into consideration the fact that Apple has been eyeing up emerging markets, including China (a country visited by Tim Cook for a second time in a rather short period).

What would you think of a cheaper iOS smartphone?

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