What is this?


What is this cloud-like picture? Is it yet another work of a “disturbed” artist? Hm… not quite.

It is the footprint of a walk, based on the digits of «π», that is, the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. As we’ve learned at school, π’s decimal representation goes on infinitely. Franscisco Javier Aragon Artacho, took the first 100 billion of decimals and set up a walk based on 4. From a starting point, he set up a root following a very simple rule: where 0 to the right, when 1 up, when 2 left and when 3, down.

The result of this walk is this “work of art” you see in the picture and to create it, the artist used CARMA visualization computer system (Priority Research Centre for computer Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications) at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Don’t you just love math?


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