The 5 most amazing TVs at CES 2013

If anyone can draw a conclusion on this years’ CES is that there were not many mobile devices to account for (smartphones and tablets) , where as TVs, ruled.

Also, another thing is certain, comparing this year’s CES with last years’: 3D is dead. Therefore, all the companies that have been dealing with TV traditionally, have left the dimensions aside and tried to combat on the resolution and OLED technology. 4K, which is Ultra HD resolution is here and we are to remind you the 5 most amazing TVs shown in Las Vegas that have proven that size… and resolution, matter.

Samsung S9 UHD TV: the amazing 85 incher


It’s time TVs were removed from their standard furniture and stand alone in space. This is what Samsung maintains by creating the S9, an Ultra HD, 85 inch TV, standing on it’s own frame. It is no ordinary frame though. It embeds High Fidelity speakers that make the experience… full.

4K OLED prototype by Sony


The Ultra HD resolution shown in this 56 inch prototype, is Sony’s attempt to enter the OLED market which didn’t make it to the stores because legal disputes on patents where still discussed in courtrooms. Sony couldn’t be out of this line up and everyone celebrated an OLED TV by the Japanese company though we still do not know whether it will hit the market any time soon.

Samsung F8000: the quad core Smart TV


To be Smart, you have to be fast. F8000 is the Samsung LED quad core Smart TV that will be sold in 45 to 75 inches and will hit the stores next March. The CPU, together with a 2 MP camera and many impressive hardware features, promise a very “social” Smart TV.

LG OLED TVs: soon to a store near you


As mentioned above, although most OLED TVs were presented during last year’s CES, none of them hit the stores because of the legal disputes. LG announced that it will be the first company to sell OLED TVs in 55 inches at first with the price starting from 12.000 dollars. If you are still conscious, you can wait for the pricing of the 65 inches model that will be announced within Q1 2013.

Westinghouse: 110 inches and 4K resolution, custom made


Last but not least is this big… very big TV set. Big does not only refer to dimensions but to price too. Are you sure you want to know? Really sure? Here it is: 300,000 dollars. As much as you would pay for a big apartment in San Francisco. The 110 inch beast is custom made and should you decide to buy it, it will come with installation assistance. Thank God.

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