A flexible, bendy OLED mobile screen by Samsung was shown at CES 2013


Just when we thought we were done with important announcements at CES 2013, Samsung surprised us and presented, for the first time in public, the new brand of flexible OLED screens, called Youm, which we wrote about several months earlier.

It’s even better news that Samsung also presented their new impressive mobile displays, by using a prototype phone, which features a curved screen on its right side, providing additional space for viewing information and content.

During the demo, attended by participant journalists, Samsung presented the phone screen covered in a jacket, to show that it can display separate information on its curved part, like incoming messages and widgets, as well as enable users to interact with it.

Additionally, the korean company showed some videos of a foldable phone with a roll-up screen, promising a lot about how flexible screens could be like (maybe devices too at some point?) in the future. And it’s like this that we just started dreaming of our different mobile future.


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