Wanted: settlers for Mars. See inside for more info.


Tired of the planet Earth? Like long journeys? Want to be a TV star? Then you should seriously consider sending your resume to Mars One, a non-profit organization in Holland, seeking candidates to train as astronauts and settle on the Red Planet.

The initial selection of candidates will take place within the first half on 2013, and in the end, at least 6 groups of 4 people will be put together, selected through a voting process on TV. We don’t know exactly which network will host this production, but instead of astronaut training, you should prepare yourselves for a version of Big Brother if you want to claim a seat on that spaceship.

Your training will last for 8 years on the spot, and those of you who manage to qualify for one of the 4-member groups, will start on your no-return journey to Mars, on September 2022. Mars One corporation will start sending material and supplies to the Red Planet in March 2016, in preparation to host you.

Those of you over 18 years old and with no more ties to planet Earth, you can find more information here.


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