The first video of a giant squid is the stuff of nightmares


Us who write about technology and the achievements of humankind, are twice as happy when technology and science give us the chance to determine that nature can surpass imagination itself.

A Japanese crew of oceanologists and cinematographers managed, for the first time in history, to record a giant squid with a length of nearly 10 meters, in its natural habitat. That’s a depth of 700 below sea level, at a distance of 600 kilometers off the coast of Japan.

News of the first video footage of a giant squid in its natural habitat has been published several days ago, as it is part of a Discovery Channel documentary, titled “Monster Squid: The Giant Is Real”, to be viewed on January 27th.

A few seconds long preview was released by ABC, capable to make us remember Jules Verne and his novel “20.000 leagues under the sea”. Now we’ll never look at the sea the same way again.

Keep in mind that the giant squid’s eyes have the size of dishes. Now the nightmares can begin.

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