Tech journalists at CES 2013 were enamoured by a pillow


This is a new pillow by Brookstone, slightly different than the ones you are used to.

At first sight it looks like a regular pillow, but inside it “hides” a speaker set, so you can listen to music on the way to... dreamland.

It uses a wireless transceiver to connect to your sound system, and features dedicated controls for adjusting the volume, as well as a timer, so the music stops when you are in deep sleep.

Its battery can be removed to recharge, and its outer cover can be removed to easily wash.

Journalists on Mashable who tested the pillow after the press conference during CES 2013 (with unconfirmed reports that they fell asleep in the process), claim it’s a little heavier than a typical pillow, but nonetheless it’s particularly comfortable.

It’s expected to be released this spring, for 129 dollars in America.

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