Oracle issues Java fix for the 86 vulnerabilities, though the story does not end there


A very serious line of vulnerabilities in Java has left approximately 1 billion computers prone to different kind of dangers. This vulnerability allows anyone who has access to online tutorials to urge computer users to visit a website where they become subject to luring of personal data and other security issues.

Oracle has responded to this line of vulnerabilities issuing the Java 7 Update 11, now available worldwide. Those of you with Java active in your browsers will receive the update and Oracle prompts you to download it ASAP. Will this mean that you will be safe from now on?

Adam Godwiak, the security expert who first spotted the issue told Reuters that "We don't dare to tell users that it's safe to enable Java again." What we would suggest is that you disable Java in your browser and keep it as such, until things get clearer on the issue.

How to do that? Here it is:


Type "chrome://plugins" into your address bar. This will bring up a new tab. Find the item on the list that reads just plain "Java" and click below it where it says "Disable" in blue. Restart your browser.


Choose "Safari" and then "Preferences" on the taskbar or hit control and comma simultaneously (⌘-,). Click "Security" on the top row of the new window. Uncheck the box that reads "Enable Java" if checked. Restart your browser.

Internet Explorer 8,9, and 10

Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Manage Add-ons." Go to the left of the window that pops up and in the drop-down box below the heading "Show:" select "All Add-ons." Scroll down the list on the right of the window until you find a subheading under the category "Group" that reads "Oracle America, Inc." Select each item and disable it with the "Disable" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the window. Restart your browser.


Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Add-ons" or hit ctrl, shift, and the letter 'a' simultaneously. Select "Plug-ins" on the left-hand side of the new tab that shows up. Scroll the list on the right-hand side of the screen until you find an item that reads "Java (TM) Platform ." Click the "Disable" button on the right. Restart your browser

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