Iridis Pi: a super-computer made of 64 Raspberry Pi and... Lego bricks!


The truth is when I think of servers, the last thing I would imagine is this particular... construct. Forget about humongous server farms and expensive racks with powerful blades.

A team of 9 scientists from the university of Southampton, in England, manufactured a super-computer, comprised of 64 Raspberry Pi computers.

The rack that holds these 64 miniature computers together, is not made of metal. Instead, it has been put together by... Lego bricks, and in fact this part of the project was carried out by James Fox, the 6-year-old son of the team leader, professor Simon Fox.

The software part of this enterprise is based on the Wheezy version of Debian Linux. The hardware includes 64 processors and a total of 1 TB (yes, one terabyte) of memory.

As for the cost, it was no higher than 3.000 euros. In fact, Dr. Cox and his team published all the necessary data so you can attempt something like this yourselves, if you want to.

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