A Street View car, a... donkey, and how Google got close to being accused!


Things are not always as they seem at first, and we always have to remember this. Take a look at an example of how Google found themselves in a tough spot, through no fault of their own, because of something proven to be a... misunderstanding.

People at Mountain View drove a Street View car on a rural road, in order to photo/carto-graph the area. When they finished their work, and uploaded the end result on Google Maps, users could of course take a short virtual tour.

That’s when a discussion thread started on Reddit, where some thought this car had hit a donkey and abandoned it on the road. Google had to investigate this matter, and finally stated officially that the donkey is alive and well.

What actually happened, was that the donkey was originally laid on the ground, and when it saw the car, it got up and left. Users had misinterpreted the images, looking at them in... reverse order! They were probably worked up by stories of Mark and the bisons, and thought of the worst case scenario.

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