Disney Infinity is a new videogame by Disney


Disney announced their new videogame. It’s Disney Infinity, a title that includes characters from various Disney and Pixar movies, and will be compatible with actual dolls and figures, just like Skylanders by Activision.

The games is being developed by Avalanche Software, the studio that gave us Toy Story 3, and the reason why favorite Toy Box mode triumphantly returns, enabling players to create a world of their very own.

How do you play this game? There is a base on which you can place figures, of which nearly 40 will be produced initially. In fact, using power disks you can add special moves and attacks.

We are talking about a completely interactive game, a title to bridge the gap between the carpet, full of your kid’s toys, and the TV. Take a look at the following trailer to figure it out.

Disney Infinity is expected ot launch in June for PC, consoles and mobile phones.

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