Download Chrome 25 beta and talk to it


Chrome, though still the most popular browser, seems to be going through a phase lately, with hangs, lags and a generally moody behavior, but Chrome developers are sworn to make us happier.

Beta version of Chrome 25 is now available, and you can download it, if you want.

We still don’t know if it resolves practical trouble you may be facing, same as we do, during the last few months, but in any case you will meet a totally new and totally coom feature: a demo for the Web Speech API.

Quite simply, it’s a test for the speech-to-text function on the popular browser, which enables you to try and dictate an email to the browser itself.

Of course this is not a fully activated function yet, but as it is, it can work therapeutically for you.

Next time Chrome hangs, try this demo and tell it what’s on your mind? There’s definitely a lot more to expect from Google’s developers.

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