The time is coming to update to Windows Phone 7.8. Yes, it’s true, prepare yourselves.


Rumors about releasing a Windows Phone 7.8 update, for smartphones longing for it, has been going around for a while. The waiting may have been hard, but the time has come for it to end.

The much anticipated update will start rolling out on January 31st, according to the official Windows Phone website, in... Colombia.

This date seems to coincide with Microsoft’s promise to launch the new version during the new year’s first quarter.

As we read on GSM Arena, who already own an updated Lumia 510, some of the new feature this OS version promises, are the following.

Resizable Live Tiles
Bluetooth File transfer
Bing Picture for Lockscreen wallpaper
New theme colors
You can set Google as default search provider in Internet Explorer
New boot screen
Updated system and Nokia exclusive apps
Ringtone maker (also available in the Marketplace)
Counters app (also available in the Marketplace)

If you have already worked up an appetite, just be patient for 10 days, or maybe a little longer.


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