Would you like the 4.8-inch iPhone Math to be myth or reality?

Lately, there has been a lot of rumors about what the next iPhone will be like.

We don’t know if you feel good about it, or if dirty words come out of your mouth every time one of these rumors is posted on a website you are watching, the only certain thing is that the iPhone is an object of discussion like little other models are.

What goes around in the last few days, is the information that one of the new versions that will be announced during this year, will be the iPhone Math, the biggest iPhone you have ever seen, with a screen size of 4.8 inches.

Taking a cue from various posts, russian website Apple Digger created some renderings about how they visualize this bigger iPhone. You can take a look at these photos, and even a video.

It features 6 icon rows, a 12-MP camera, and is available in several colors. What do you think of the possibility of an iPhone with these features being released?


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