Take a look at the cool business cards of some famous people

A business card can tell a lot of things about someone. Just like about the company they work for.

For example, you already knew that if you saw Mark Zuckerberg at an event or on the street, you wanted to slap him silly, but his business card just confirms it.

Also, take a look at some business cards of other famous people, who unlike Zuckerberg, had a lot more reason to be arrogant, but were not. And this is apparent by their business or visit cards.

By the way, every time you are given a card, keep it some place safe. You never know if your therapist turns out to be the next Freud, or if the magician at the local theater turns out to be the next Houdini.

We voted popular hacker and “thief” Kevin Mitnick’s card as the best and most inventive, and we were charmed by Andy Warhol’s card. How about you?

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