Listening to heavy metal? You’re gonna be a criminal... according to a university study!


The truth is I was a little shocked when I discovered this news. I thought the issue of “demonizing” heavy metal was over a lot of years ago, but apparently it’s a “trend” once again.

Dr. Tom Ter Bogt, from the university of Utrecht, in Holland, was the leader of a team of researchers, who conducted a study about this issue. Throughout 4 years, 140 boys and 160 girls were questioned in Holland, about their preferences in music.

So was it determined that fans of rock, metal, R&B, trance, techno and hard house music, were more likely to develop criminal behavior, or had already done so. Instead, those who listened to pop, jazz and classical music, were less prone to antisocial behavior.

Tom Ter Bogt himself admitted that he has been listening to heavy metal since he was 16 years old, but never developed unlawful behavior. Nevertheless, the science team’s leader insists that the results by this study are confirmed and correct.

And what about me now? I don’t want to kill or steal. Does this mean I have to forget about that Helloween & Gammaray reunion, in early March?

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