A high-tech grandma who totally “owns” her PS3


Try to conjure up an image of your grandma. Did you? Good. Now think about how she usually passes her time. What does she do around the house? Does she knit, cook, waste away in front of TV watching “Days Of Our Lives”? She generally lives the life of a house-plant.

That’s quite good. Now check out Hilda Knott, an 85-year-old grandma who told BBC she is a passionate gamer. She always finds something new in games, like moving on to the next area, level or event, to complete it.

She said most of those are puzzle games, that make one think about how to make something work, and then put these thoughts to the test, in practice.

Knott singled out Grand Theft Auto IV, which she said she enjoyed with her aunt of 94 years old. During this report, she was playing Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, on her 65-inch TV. She actually has a PS3 with a PS Plus subscription.

So, this lovely grandma joins the club of elder gamers, like Kathleen Connell of 100 years old, who enjoys games on her DS, and a 68-year-old Chinese man with six 90-level characters on WoW.


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