Owe money to a bank? Watch out for “strange” friendship requests on Facebook.


Things are getting way too modern abroad, we think. Here, in Greece, debt collectors insist on making daily phone calls to those who owe money to banks. However, we have noticed they are making use of modern ways of communication, abroad.

Specifically, several employees at debt collecting companies, make a practice of creating Facebook or Twitter accounts, and contacting clients via social networks. In fact, many of them design fake profiles with semi-nude photos of women, so their clients take the bait and accept a friend request from users they do not know. Others of course, create fake profiles of people who debtors know in real life.

Most debt-collecting companies forbid their employees to have this kind of communications, but there are some who mention nothing about this, thus providing a free pass. The federal financial institutions examination council, is looking into this matter and is soon expected to make a ruling about it.

Think Greek debt collectors take a cue from this and start employing similar practices?

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