HTC Mini: a remote control for the Butterfly

HTC revealed a remote control for the Butterfly, the company’s 1080p smartphone. The HTC Mini is a remote control that also utilizes NFC technology, and if provided along with the HTC Butterfly in China.

It’s connected to the Butterfly via Bluetooth and enables users to make or answer voice calls, without having to remove the Butterfly from their bag of pocket. Thanks to NFC technology, it can display messages, calendar entries and call logs on its monochrome screen.

Additionally, the HTC Mini enables users to navigate menus that pop up when they connect the smartphone to an HDTV, and it can also work as a remote control for the camera shutter. It also has a useful “find my phone” feature that helps you locate your smartphone, if you lost it.

Unfortunately, there is still no official information on availability or cost for this device in other countries, or if it will even be released internationally.

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