A species of jellyfish may hold the secret to immortality

While scientists have been searching for the secret to immortality for centuries, the answer may lie with a species of jellyfish, which can be practically categorized as immortal.

This “immortal jellyfish”, scientifically known as “Turritopsis Nutricula”, when it matures, it has the ability to revert to a premature form of a polypus colony, so it can start developing over again.

The method it uses is called transdifferentiation, and it essentially converts its adult cells to premature ones, making it practically impossible for it to die.

The immortal jellyfish has a diameter of 4.5 mm and comes from the Caribbean, even though it has now spread all over the planet, with scientists studying its mystery for years.

In fact, some claim that this mystery is close to a solution, and this method may even be applicable to humans. Think this can offer us the answer to the secret of immortality?

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