An iPhone case that tries to take multitasking to new heights

Well, check out what kind of problem this case aspires to solve. Consider wanting to answer a text message on your phone while holding a cup of coffee in hand, and try to wake up with a few sips, after a late-night hangover.

One way to do it, is by using only one hand. The other is to get this iPhone case. It’s called “Upper Cup” and comes from a new startup business that searches for funding about this, on Indiegogo. Those of you who got excited, can donate what you will.

According to its creator, the case takes up very little space anyway, so it can fit in your pocket, and promises to let you carry your damn coffee, without risk or accidents.

Now, we can’t be absolutely sure about that, given that you may not always watch where your’re going while typing, and bump on some other guy. But we certainly don’t want to upset the Dutchman who created this and wants to promote his idea.


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