The iPad with Retina Display and 128 GB is now official. 799 dollars for WiFi and 929 dollars for LTE.


By way of a press release (yes, just a press release, hold the event), Apple let us know about releasing a 4th generation iPad with Retina Display and 128 GB of storage, in WiFi and cellular editions, starting Tuesday, February 5th.

Its tech specs are exactly the same as the 4th generation iPad we already know, with the only difference being its double storage capacity, as well as its price. The WiFi model will cost 799 dollars, and the LTE model 929 dollars, in the United States.

Following the press release, Apple praises this popular device, mentioning the great number of available applications, as well as the large number of businesses that have incorporated the iPad in their daily-used equipment.

That’s all good. Allow us however to wonder about who will give 929 dollars (or in the case of Greece, more than 1000 euros) for a tablet.

It’s the same question we had about the Microsoft Surface Pro, with a price of 999 dollars, which was the first tablet with 128 GB of storage. At least the iPad with Retina Display is cheaper by 70 dollars.

We’ll let you know about the availability, as well as the price of this new device in Greece, when we know more ourselves.

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