Introducing the Facebook Gift card


Facebook has entered the e-commerse area by featuring the new service "Gifts''. Although this new provided service is currently available only in America it is worth it to follow its development since it will soon be released worldwide.

Users can purchase products through Facebook and then send them to their Facebook friends, who will receive them at their home. Today, Facebook went one step further and announced the Facebook Card, which is similar to a Gift Card used for purchases from stores-colleagues of the social network.


After users recieve a gift from their Facbook friends, they will also recieve their card by post and they can use it in shops cooperating with Facebook, such as Olive Garden, Sephora, etc.

Although it's just a card, the Facebook Card will be able to contain separate amounts of money for each store, which user can see through their Facebook account. The cards can be used for multiple purchases.

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