R2D2 heels for geeky girls


If we were to write about the special relationship between women and footwear, especially those with heels, would be a real waste of time and words, in this post. Shoes are love and a fetish for women, and sometimes this is a way to measure men as well.

What’s important right now however, is the fact that this love can be combined with a more geeky type of personality than you can imagine.

This is the case with the DIY pair of shoes you can see in the photo, designed by mikeasaurus. It was inspired by R2D2, the famous robot from Star Wars, and it has something which makes it special.

Our female coworkers say they would wear it with pleasure. We also imagine however, that some people would be happy to gift it to their loved ones, if it was ever mass produced. If you already thought of that... we like the way you think.


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