Tweet Ping: Watch worldwide tweeting-activity in Real time


Remember all those amazing pictures of earth published by NASA from the space station cameras showing different parts of the world at night, with the lights of the city indicating where civilization is organized and where it's not?

Imagine seeing the earth bright, not from lights but... from information. You don't have to imagine that. Just visit Tweet Ping which although it might not be able to capture every tweet, it does give you information about approximately 1% of the tweets made worldwide. That's about 3.4 million tweets every day (from the 340 calculated).

The project was designed and implemented by Franck Ernewein ... and although it looks very impressive, it's not realistic. Twitter is not the World. Not everyone is on Twitter. There's a lot more people out there that do different things than twitting. The miracle of this service, however, is the miracle interfacing and the information flowing.

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