PS4 with new controller will be released this year!


Sony was preparing to possibly surprise us with ... the great news about the PS4 on the morning of February 21 at the PlayStation Meeting, but from what it seems, EDGE kind of spoiled the surprise! Well, not exactly EDGE but someone who decided to tell ...everything about the PS4 in details!

As we read on the site of the famous magazine (which is know for its aesthetic, quality front covers), PS4 will be more powerfull than the next Xbox and it will feature a redesigned version of the camera (PlayStation Eye) and a new controller (DualShock)

The new controller's apperance will be very similar to the already existing one, except that at the center it will have a small touch pad, instead of the select and start buttons, as the one located on the back side of PS Vita. Furthermore, the controller will have a Share button which you can use to shoot videos and picture and share them online!

In technichal terms it features an 8 GB DDR3 RAM and an 8-core AMD 1,6 GHz processor. What Sony is really proud for, is that the PS4 will be more "friendly'' to developers than the previous PlayStation, making it easy for them to develop games.

As for when is the console going to be released, Sony is preparing "colpo grosso'' and intends to release the PS4 in Japan and the U.S later this year with Europe to follow in early 2014 (the delay is due to complexity of distribution in Europe).


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