How much influence do you have on the Social Media? Klout has the answer for you.


More or less, we all think we are specialists at Social Media. We have created an account in every social media site, we deal with them several hours during the day and the result is to exert influence over our online friends and followers or to accept influence from them. But how much do we influence or get influenced?

Klout is a tool that helps us to measure online influence we have on Social Media. What we need to do is connect each account in our Social Media with Klout and with the help of this algorithm Klout will make the necessary measurements for us. The Social Media supported by Klout are:

- Twitter
- Facebook
- Google+
- LinkedIn
- Foursquare
- YouTube
- Instagram
- Tumblr
- Blogger
- Flickr

After connecting the desired accounts, the Klout will take one to two days to make the necessary measurements, depending on the account number that we connected with the service. Then it will show a score from 1 to 100, which is used as an indicator of influence in Social Media. The score takes into account your influence in any one of the social media you connected with Klout.

You can compare your score with your friends scores, if they're connected to Klout. Also, you can see the highlights of your Social Media which affected more your score. Finally, you can see the statistics of your influence on each social network by counting Likes, ReTweets, +1 s, Comments, etc. that you received from other users.

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