God of War : PS3 special bundle

ps3-god-of-war-ascension-bundle-collectors (1)

Have your friends tried to persuade you play the God of war series game, but you've managed to resist so far? Well done! Good choice and it's time to be rewarded! Sony has announced an incredible PS3 bundle following the God of War Ascension release.

What does it include? It includes the Super Slim PS3 500 GB in deep red color with a joystick in the same hue, which makes it look more "collective''. The console will be framed by the God of War Saga Collection, the God of War: Ascension plus one month free subscription to PS Plus! In other words, you get the complete works of the God of War series plus one really rare color of the PS3 which will offer it a prominent place in the living room.

God of War: Ascension will be released on March 15 on PS3. On the same day the disposition of the special bundle will begin in the U.S market. We look forward the Europe announcements...


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