Google Play malware "attacks'' your Android phone and PC


There's no end to the list of malware that constantly show up and we mainly refer to those that "hit" our mobile devices, which are very quickly replacing the so far fixed communication. Analysts at Kaspersky discovered a new malware on Google Play which, while appearing as a "cleaning" application for your Android phone's memory , it is in fact a software that causes a lot of "jitters", both in the smartphone, and the PC you connect your device to. So what does the seemingly "innocent" application DroidCleaner do? (it does not exist in Google Play anymore, but it may appear under a different name):

It sends SMS messages
It enables Wi-Fi
It gathers information about the device
It uploads the entire content of your SD card
It arbitrarily opens link in using your device's browser.
It loads any folder of your device
It uploads all your SMS messages
It erases all your SMS messages

While it may seem that you're just running an application that is designed to "clean" the memory of your phone, that it really does is running in the background these malware processes, and when you connect your device via USB to your computer, the malware can activate the microphone and record you. After that, it encrypts each record and send it back to the administrator of the malware.

Does that sound scary? It is. But surely we will hear many such cases. What you have to do, and what every mobile device user has to do is not to trust ALL the applications and not to download anything before reading reviews, taking into account the scores and choosing the most popular applications for "cleaning'' devices whether they are good or not.

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