9 years of Facebook: The most important milestones of Mark Zuckerberg's social network

The most popular social network site in the world celebrates it's 9 years today.Mark Zuckerberg's creation met publicity on February 4th 2004, and achieved to write such history in the years to follow in the internet world that few sites have done, surpassing the 1 billion users.


Let's look at some milestones along the 9 years of Facebook

February 2004: Facebook is brought to life by Mark Zuckerberg, a second-year Harvard student.

March 2004: Facebook expands to other universities and colleges.

June 2004: Facebook comes up with the "Wall'' idea, allowing its users to write their personal reflections and more on their profile pages. At the same time, Facebook receives a treatment category that Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for the creation of a company founded by two brothers, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and a third person at Harvard.

September 2005: Facebook expands, allowing high school age students.

May 2006: Industrial networks are introduced, which allow users with corporate e-mail address, to join Facebook.

September 2006:Facebook starts to allow anyone who is over 13 years old to participate. It also introduces the «News Feed», which collects messages from friends Walls in one place. Although this led to complaints about privacy issues, it soon became the most popular feature of Facebook.

May 2007:Facebook Platform starts, a system that allows external developers to build tools for sharing photos, quizzes and games. The system creates a new "economy" through Facebook and allows companies, such as Zynga for example, thrive.

October 2007: Facebook has agreed to sell its 1.6% stake to Microsoft over $ 240 million.

November 2007: Facebook unveils the Beacon programme, a feature that "transmits" the activities of users in dozens of independent sites. This is another move that fuels debates about the privacy of its users, resulting to Facebook giving its users more options on Beacon, before eventually stopping it as a part of a settlement.

March 2008: Facebook hires Sheryl Sandberg as COO.

April 2008: Introduction of Facebook Chat.

February 2009: Begins »like», allowing users to endorse their friends opinion.

June 2009: Facebook surpasses MySpace and becomes the largest social network in the U.S..

August 2010: Facebook launches location service, allowing users to share their location with their friends and not only.

October 2010: Release of the movie «The Social Network», about the life of Mark Zuckerberg and the legal battles behind the launch of Facebook. The film takes 8 Oscar nominations and wins three of them.

June 2011: Google presents a competing social network site similar to Facebook, Google Plus. The Winklevoss twins end their legal dispute over the idea behind Facebook. This began in 2008, when they asked from Facebook 65 million as compensation,managing of course to get much more later on.

September 2011: Facebook introduced the Timeline, a new version of the profile pages. The Timeline also presents the highlights of a person's life on Facebook, not just lists recent posts.

November 2011: Facebook agreed to settle federal charges for violating the privacy of users, causing them to share more information than agreed by registering on the site. As part of the solution, it enables independent auditors to review its privacy practices for two years. It also agrees to seek approval from users before changing how the company manages their data.

December 2011: Moving to Menlo Park, California.

January 2012: Facebook makes Timeline mandatory.

February 2012: Launch of public offering (IPO) of Facebook shares on New York Stock Exchange.

January 2013: Graph Search is launched, a service that allows users to search for anything that their Facebook friends have shared, such as photographs, post, personal preferences, etc.

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