Google wants to monitor your surfing habits and pay you for it

While we all try to surf the net leaving as little digital trace as possible, Google wants us to do the exact opposite, and will in fact pay us to do it. The company announced a new program called Screenwise Panel, that will monitor your every move through your browser. In exchange, you will receive a 5-dollar gift card for Amazon, when you register, and a small amount every 3 months. Of course, participation in the Screenwise Panel is completely voluntary. So you have the option to stop or start using it again at will, and you can set which of your actions will be recorded. According to Google, using the Screenwise, they aim to gather informational data about what people want from the internet. To use the Panel, you have to download a browser plugin, or install the Data Collector device on your local network. This device, as you can see in the photo below, is manufactured by Cisco.

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