Is Apple preparing changes for iOS and OS X?


The analysts sense something. So far they have not been able to say in words, but the withdraw of Scott Forrestal and the promotion of Sir Jonathan Ive as the man to whom the app developers will refer to, marked the first major change. The second change that has caused analysts to believe that something will change very soon, are the new Job Ads that Apple has posted since February 1.

You don't look for Senior Software Engineers simply because you lack one and you want to replace him. Especially in iLife. The ad says " We seek enthusiastic engineers who will help us to re-imagine how to build their user interfaces".

Apple is also looking for people who will help in the development of Siri, in order to upgrade the digital assistant, make it gain "character" and give better and more personalized answers.

Apart from the recruitment, analysts note with more interest than ever, former's Mr Mac Craig Federighi statements, who is responsible for both operating softwares, mobile and desktop computer. The same analysts believe, as time goes on, that perhaps the discusssion about the integration of the operating softwares makes sense, following the path laid down by Microsoft.

Definitely, a renewal in the functional needs of Apple, will offer it what its clients and its investors are looking for. Also, the "device world'' is changing and this time, it's not changed by Apple. What do you think? Will Apple really change? Has the time come? Or is Apple simply refreshing the staff?

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