The most complicated Maze in the world made on paper

30 years ago, a Japanese guard of a library, sat in front of an A1 piece of paper , pulled out a pen and began painting a huge and terribly complicated maze.


Every corner, every curve was made up by him, without any computer help at all. That was his hobby and he spent hours and hours of his time over this piece of paper.


The maze took him 7 years to complete. Once the japanese guard completed the maze, he wrapped the huge paper and his creation went into oblivion. Recenlty his daughter started to settle some old stuff of her father, who is still a guard in the library. While settling, she discovered that A1 complex maze.


She opend it, took some photos and shared them on twitter with friends and acquaintances who make continuous retweets and expressed their admiration for the incredible task of her father, asking for prints and seeking the solvution of the huge maze. We do not know if the user of twitter will do this, or if he will be permitted by her dad, 30 years after its creation.



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