Disappointment for HTC January Sales

HTC announced low sales for January, and stated that the results for the first quarter are expected to be disappointing.

The company reported sales of $ 530 million for the past month which are less by 6.49% compared to last year. Some time ago, it had announced that revenues for the first quarter of 2013 will reach $ 1.7 billion to $ 2 billion, which is lower than last year's performance of $ 2.3 billion or so, for the same period. The company, however, is optimistic, despite the tremendous competition because it is currently preparing to announce HTC M7.

Is the HTC MC going to look like this?

Is the HTC MC going to look like this?

The reflexes of the company, however, will have an important impact, since after the presentation of the HTC M7,it will be very impotrant that it quickly be released on the market and stores. Do not forget that there is not much time until the top competing models like the Galaxy S IV of Samsung are presented. Late last year, the CFO of HTC, Chialin Chang, said: "We are very optimistic about our flagship and we received excellent feedback from our channel partners as well as the mobile operators'.


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