This October will be different for smartphones : First Ubuntu phones are coming

The founder of Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth, announced that Ubuntu smartphones will first be available in October.


Keep in mind that the Ubuntu OS version for mobile phones was announced last month, with the company promising a simpler solution than what Android or other mobile operating offer.

Canonical announced that Ubuntu Phones will be "running" a full desktop version when connected to a monitor - certainly one interesting approach for a smartphone.

We do not yet know details for the devices, though we shall remind you that in January the company executives gave us some specifications for them. According to them, an entry level Ubuntu device is expected to have a Cortex A9 processor at 1GHz, 512MB-1GB RAM, 4-8GB eMMC + SD and multi-touch display, while a high-end Ubuntu «superphone», on the other hand, will have a Quad -core A9 or Intel Atom processor, at least 1GB RAM, support multi-touch capability and "convergence" with desktop.

Canonical has not provided the source code for Ubuntu yet, but it seems that in February, it is expected to release the compatible build with Galaxy Nexus, so that developers can start creating apps for Ubuntu App Marketplace.

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