The collector’s edition PS3 for God Of War Ascension


A while ago, we told you about the buffed-up PS3 pack, to be released along with God Of War Ascension, across the Atlantic. Now it’s time to find out about the European version as well.

So, according to Sony Europe, “our own” pack will include a white Super Slim PS3, with a storage capacity of 500 GB, a collector’s edition controller, themed after Kratos, as well as the Special Edition of God Of War Ascension. That’s the game in a metal case, along with the soundtrack, double XP in multiplayer, a dynamic PS3 theme, and an avatar.

Don’t ask about its price, because we don’t know. This pack however, as well as God Of War Ascension itself, will be released on March 15th, that is the day the game is scheduled for commercial release.

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