Lindsay Elyse is the girl you’d want to have. But you won’t.


Lindsay Elyse gave a super interview on TechZwn. You are probably wondering who is she. She is a cosplayer, in fact quite well known on the internet.

A member of the XX Girls team, this 21-year-old from Arizona, discovered at a young age, by her own admission, that she looked like a boy. Her first cosplaying experience was during an event called AniZona, when she was 15 years old.

Back then, she was dressed as Edward Elric, from Full Metal Alchemist. What would follow of course, would be entirely different, as in any case, a girl like Lindsay is not exactly easy to miss.

She creates her own costumes, which vary: we have seen ser as Connor from Assassin’s Creed 3 and Lilith from Borderlands 2, to a night elf hunter from World Of Warcraft and Master Chief from Halo.

Want to enjoy more of her? Scoot over to GamesLife.

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