Someone's already taking photos with the new Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Italian site reveals photographs, which apparently have been shooted with-not one- but two different-Samsung Galaxy S IV devices!

All-SIV-640x261 (1)

Looking at the EXIF data of the photos, one can see that they have been taken with a Galaxy S IV of AT & T (SGH-I337) and another Korean Galaxy S IV (SHV-E300S).

The photos were uploaded to Google+ yesterday and it seems they have been taken in Korea, probably at Samsung's HQ, but unfortunately they do not seem to have been taken on full analysis.

As noted, however, at the sites reporting the news, because an EXIF file can easily be manipulated, it can be certified that they are authentic photographs. Everything indicates that they come from Samsung Galaxy S IV, which the is certainly testing, if you believe the rumors that they want the announcement to be made ​​soon - perhaps on March 15.

Anyway, we are sure that next time there will be much more to read about the next "flagship" of Samsung, which, according to rumors until now, it has an 8-core processor Exynos 5 Octa, 8-core graphics Mail-T658, Super AMOLED screen Full HD 4.99-inch, 2GB RAM, rear camera 13MPixels with a Full HD video "capture'' at 30fps, front camera 2MPixels and Android 4.2.1.

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