At last, the iPad finds its place...


In this vain world we live in, we buy tablets at prices starting from EUR 359 (iPad Mini WiFi 16GB) and reach 900 + (When we know exactly the price for the iPad 4th generation 128 GB, we will tell you) and we use them throughout the duration of our stay ... on the toilet. True. It has been confessed that tablets have replaced magazines role when using the bathroom...

So, this 2-in-1 accessory is available from CTA Digital at Amazon, at the price of $ 45, and it's perhaps the most useful item you could buy afer the smart cover. This is a stand for iPad, along with a toilet paper, so imagine that when you read your favorite sports pages, simultaneously, you will have direct access to the paper without, so that you do not get distracted looking for it elsewhere!

It is made of chrome, it's easily mounted in any orientation you want to have on your tablet and the base is solid enough to support both the device and the paper. No, the toilet paper is not included in the package. We suggest you combine it with this. Because truth sould be told. If you read the iPad during ..., wiping must also be colored and scented: D


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