Nokia Lumia 1000: Is this the 41MPixels Lumia?

We've been discussing it for some time and specifically we also wrote about it yesterday and ... Nokia is almost certainly preparing a Lumia smartphone, with a 808 Pureview standards camera.


According to recent information, it is conceivable that this model be called Nokia Lumia 1000, as revealed by China Mobile.

The smartphone with the 41MPixels camera, The Windows Phone operating system, but also the brand Lumia, has been known as EOS, without of course being sure that it is the final model code.

The Nokia Lumia 1000 may seem closer to the nomenclature of the Finnish company of the Windows Phone family.


And while all this is happening, one page in Indonesia reveals two other relevant codes which Nokia might be preparing for the future. These are the Lumia 720 and 520, which may be the successors of the 710 and 510, respectively. Only time will reveal our expectations.

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