Tiem 4 fun! Twitter uses LOLcat language in beta.


When the weekend is upon us, we don’t have to do anything serious or even useful. By this reasoning, we are happy to let you know that Twitter decided to use the LOLcat language as one of its official ones.

To set LOLcat as your default language on your account, go to settings, language, and enable LOLCATZ (beta). This way, you will see your account transforming to the language used by internet memes.

You can see that all words are capitalized, as well as that Twitter still has a long way to go until they fully and correctly integrate this language to all of its aspects, but still this is incredibly fun.

For those of you who don’t know what LOLcat is, we should let you know it’s a secret language. It’s the English used by cats and other animals that appear as internet memes. You have never heard it, because, as everyone knows, pets don’t talk. If they could, though...

LOLcat is a language based on mistakes in syntax, grammar, the way words connect, but it strangely is quite comprehensible, not only to pets, whose photos go around the internet, but to us as well (with a little effort). If you want some help about how to express yourselves in that language, you can use this translation tool.



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