Facebook: New emoticons will replace the already existing ones

The various faces, or formally the emoticons which are formed by combinations of various symbols, definately play a major role in communication between Facebook users. They give life to our written words making it easier to communicate and understand each other better while chatting.


Facebook has made ​​an effort to promote the use of several emoticons, both in chat and in various publications, and now it's time for a change. With the help of Matt Jones, an artist of Pixar who also studies Charles Darwin's work, the new Facebook emoticons are expected to be more "alive" than the existing ones, closer to the actual reactions of a person.

You can see a sample of Matt Jones work in the picture above. The emoticons are principally based in yellow, which Facebook is trying to change by testing its own color, blue. The result was not satisfying so various other colors and even different colors depending on the emoticon and the situation described are being tested. We might even see animated emoticons, like the ones used on Skype.

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