Indeed, an entire family has been to the moon and are still there


We have seen people photographed on the moon, and we have seen pictures of the moon itself. But how did a family photo get on the moon’s surface? Hm... the story goes like this.

On April 23rd 1972, astronaut Charlie Duke, a member of the Apollo 16 mission, took his last ride on the surface of Earth’s natural satellite. He got on the mission’s rover along with his partner, John Young, to explore the Descartes heights.

Right there, before they installed a solar winds collector, Duke placed on the moon’s ground a picture of his family, carefully wrapped in clear plastic, which he took out of his pocket. Immediately after, he took a picture of this, with his Hasselblad camera, only a few inches far from a print of his own space boot.

The picture is of himself, his wife, Dorothy, and their sons, Thomas and Charles. After this photo shoot, Duke left the original photo right there. So, that’s how an entire family has been to the moon, even if it was through a 40-year-old printed photo.

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