The beginning of the end for muddy boots and wet shoes


This may seem like a telemarketing ad (could be one, too) but we don’t care about that. Those whose suede shoes are plagued by stains and moisture, those who had to wash their work gloves after doing oil, paint or mud related chores, can only know what we’re talking about.

In the following video, you can see a water-repelling liquid which can be sprayed on almost any surface, and make it resistant to water and any other liquid that drops on it.

Its creators claim there is nothing “magical” about this liquid, except science and nanotechnology. We know they are right. Just try to remember the application of a water-repelling layer on a ketchup bottle. Pure science.

So, by the same reasoning, we see Ultra Ever Dry as the answer to all out stained dreams. These yellow boots may not remain as yellow if sprayed with this however, but still. It’s better to see them as less yellow rather than stained and muddy.



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