Facebook’s “Like” patent belongs to someone else


The widow of a Dutch programmer asks Facebook for compensation, due to the use of some of his patents, one of which is none other than the famous “Like” button, on the popular social network.

Rembrandt Social Media corporation, accuse Facebook through their attorneys, claiming that its success is based partly on two intellectual properties by Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer.

Rembrandt owns patents about technologies that this programmer had used to design a social network called Surfbook, prior to his death in 2004. In fact, he held these IPs since 1998.

Surfbook was a social calendar that enabled people to share information with friends and family, and approve some data, using a “Like” button, according to legal documents submitted by the attorneys of Rembrandt corporation.

The lawsuit against Facebook for infringing upon those IPs, has been filed at a federal court in Virginia. Representatives of the popular social networking site have still not commented on the company or their claims.


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